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The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye

Author: David Lagercrantz
Published: September 12, 2017 by Alfred A. Knopf
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Hardcover: 347 pages
My Rating: 3 1/2 stars
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This is the fifth book in the Millennium series started by Stieg Larsson, but taken over by David Lagercrantz when Larsson passed away in 2004. There are a lot of threads going on at the beginning of the book, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It kept me interested to see where this was all headed and if you’re patient, the threads do come together very nicely!

Salander’s motto is on display in this book. “First you find out the truth. Then you take revenge.” There are glimpses of the Lisbeth Salander that we all know and love, but in my opinion, not enough. Lisbeth did not take center stage as much as I would have liked. The central plot has to do with a super secret and sinister experiment known only as the Registry that Lisbeth and her twin sister, Camilla, were a part of when they were young, unbeknownst to them at the time. While it was nice getting more of Salander’s backstory, much of the reveal of this experiment played out among another set of twins.

There is also one thread that I don’t really feel fits with the rest of the story, and that is Faria Kazi’s story. She’s the beautiful, young girl that Lisbeth Salander feels compelled to protect in prison. Yes, that’s right – Salander is in prison at the beginning of the book, I believe as a carry over from the fourth book. While it was fun to see Salander ruling the prison, as bad ass as she is, I just don’t see where it ties in to the rest of the story. Without this plot line though, Lisbeth Salander would be in the story even less, so maybe that’s the purpose it serves!

Also Salander and Blomkvist weren’t together much in this story. On the one hand, we shouldn’t expect an exact replica of the original series, because stories need to evolve and grow, but some of the elements that made this a beloved series in the first place, are in short supply.

It’s an intriguing plot, and fun to have all the moving parts that it had, and it does come together nicely for a satisfying conclusion – it just doesn’t necessarily pack the punch that the original series did. I think you’d enjoy it more if you’ve never read the original three books or you read it and stay away from making comparisons.

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